Monday, September 5, 2016

Letting Go

It was a wonderful summer and now I am back in my life.  It is clear to me that I need structure.  One month away was enough for me.  It was filled with family, friends, beach time and lobster.  I was also able to take a fabulous three day book making workshop.  I loved it.  I had summer art goals that I actually met and now I am getting ready for an open studio and a gallery reception, both in October.   Oh yes, and both my grandchildren's birthdays, an apple picking party that I am re-instituting, an Art Garfunkle concert, my 39th anniversary weekend and who knows what else?  I learned a lot about myself this summer, it was empowering.  Mostly it was about trusting myself, honoring myself and letting go of residual fears and life regrets.  I thought I had already figured this out but I went deeper and feel as if I came fully into myself. I learned more clearly how to take a step back and breathe through the rough spots and then let go.  Worrying and holding onto anxt does not serve any purpose.  I remember telling a client who worried a lot to save all his worries up and sit down each evening for 1/2 hour and then allow himself to worry.  The next week when he came in, I asked how it had gone.  He said he didn't do it because it seemed stupid and a waste of time.  "That's the whole point" I replied.  So let go and free yourself up!!!

Take a look at some of what I did this summer:

Paste Painting

 Paste Painting


Book Sculpture