Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Going Within

The past several weeks are a blur and I have been at loose ends for a number of reasons.  Rather than push myself, I decided to let go and take care of myself.    We all have our ways of processing and for me, it's joining with my emotions at the deepest level and letting myself be.  Eventually I come to terms with the dilemma, come back up for air. and move on.  So here I am.  Is everything in perfect order?  No.  Do I still have things to deal with?  Yes.  I am not, however, stuck in that dark place.  I am painting, listening to my music, seeing my friends, getting ready to go to a warm, sunny place for a month (I can't wait!), seeing my grandchildren and living my life.  I have decisions to make and ideas to process and as long as I keep myself connected and grounded, I will be fine.  The most fun thing that happened is that I got an e-mail from one of the galleries I have my work in telling me that four of my pieces sold.  This really was a clear message that I am on the right track.  Very exciting.  As I just mentioned, I will be away for a month and I am not sure I will be posting.  This was kind of a bucket list thing - to go away for a month during the winter.  It was my husband's suggestion and was quite surprising coming from him, the man who doesn't even like to take a week off from work.  Of course he will work remotely but who cares?  I am taking my paints and am hoping to be able to sit outside in the sunshine and create.  Here is an old piece that I love.  The girl is a transfer, the background is painted.