Monday, September 19, 2016

Dare to Try

It's a warm, rainy day and I am home with my sweet dog Chloe.  I am getting ready for a gallery reception and have to hang my work next week though the reception isn't until the end of October.  I am challenging myself to put out work that is different from what I have been doing.  And in between, working on personal projects.  My granddaughter is turning one in a few weeks.  When my daughter turned one, I bought her a beautiful little wrought iron chair from an antique store.  I saved it. My husband cleaned it up and painted it and I made new pillows.  It came out just the way I had hoped.  Sewing is always tricky for me because I never make the same thing twice and all the measuring is annoying to me.  It's always a battle with lots of ripping out and redoing.  I never am sure if what I am working on will come out looking at all like what I picture in my head.  It's like that when I bake as well.  Too much measuring and following instructions.  Cooking is a more creative endeavor for me and I can experiment.  That's why I enjoy collage and abstract painting. There is no recipe,  I don't have to know what the result will be, and I just flow with it.  Well, this is a ramble!  I guess the theme here is dare to try new things and enjoy your creativity.  So, here is Anika's  chair.  I hope this will be passed down to her little girl.