Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I had a wonderful workshop experience last Wednesday at the Artists Corner & Gallery in West Acton with Jane Davies.  Jane is a joyful teacher and has been my mentor over the last five years. The definition of a mentor is "an experienced and trusted advisor" and that, she is.  A few years ago I signed up for a one of her online workshops and was not quite sure I ought to be in such an advanced class.  There were artists from literally all over the world - Russia, France, England, and the U.S.  I sent Jane an e-mail asking if she thought I was up to this.  Her response was "Yes, of course you belong in this group.  Jane believed in me and in my potential.  I think this was beginning of my truly seeing myself as an artist.  When someone believes in you, it nudges you into beginning to believe in yourself.  I experienced this as a clinician as I supported and nurtured the people I worked with and saw them flourish and now, in my new incarnation as an artist, I am fortunate to have someone I admire and respect nurture my endeavors.  Mentoring actually goes both ways.  As you give knowledge and support and see someone's growth, you derive pleasure and satisfaction in having been a part of their process.  The unexpected gift is that you learn from them as well as they present new and different perspectives.

Don't forget ArtFestII this coming weekend at The Gallery at Villageworks in West Acton.  I visited the space we will be in the other day and it is lovely - open, light and airy.  There are ongoing art exhibits there.  Here are two of the pieces I will be showing:


Six Vases