Monday, March 28, 2016


Busy getting ready for ArtFest April 9 & 10.  There are so many details to take care of - finishing work, getting things framed, matting pieces that are smaller, and packaging them in sleeves, making labels, e-mailing, getting flyers ready, etc, etc.  I think it will be great fun and I look forward to spending two days with other artists.  Usually when I do an open studio, I am home and people come in and out but it is not a shared experience.  I am also attending a Jane Davies workshop on Wednesday and am so looking forward to seeing her.  I am beginning an online workshop with her in a few weeks and know that will certainly be inspiring.  The other thing I am beginning to delve into is Zentangle.  I have heard of this process but never tried it.  Quite interesting and not as easy as I would like.  It is about drawing intricate patterns and designs and requires patience.  Drawing is not my forte so this will be a something I will have to spend time with.  I've done a few designs but see that I have a lot to learn.  Here is the information about ArtFestII: