Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Beginnings

Well, here I am blogging!  I've thought about doing this for years and I guess now is the time.  Art & More will be about my artwork and whatever life experiences I might like to talk about.  I was a psychotherapist for over 30 years and eleven years ago, I began to explore the artist within.  I didn't even know she existed and now she has become an integral part of me.  I studied for five years at the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, Mass. and then went on to work with a wonderful artist, Jane Davies. She has inspired me, supported me and pushed me to places I didn't have the slightest idea I could go.  Now I am displaying my work in open studios, art galleries and have sold a number of pieces.  It is so affirming and exciting to keep on growing and developing oneself.  It is great fun to have a next act in life.  When I retired a few years ago, I was concerned that I would become bored.  Well, then came along two precious grandchildren, volunteer work that is interesting and stimulating, exercising, meditating and painting.  I am anything but bored.  Some days I am overstimulated!  It is essential as we age to stay involved, informed, and connected.  I will be posting some my work and hope you enjoy what I have to share.