Friday, November 18, 2016

Here's to New Adventures

I had a wonderful Artist Reception on October 28.  I am grateful to family and friends who attended.  It is a bit overwhelming but great fun to be seen as a working artist.  Life presents so many opportunities and if we open to them, we can go on many adventures.  This is my newest journey and I am exploring and expanding with each step.  I continually challenge myself and it is not always comfortable to do so yet I am impelled to keep moving on.  My brain needs to be stimulated and making art brings me to my highest heights.  I drink in the colors and patterns and my endorphins go crazy.  I may struggle with a piece but when it comes together it is such a wonderful feeling of completion and connection.  My next journey is into the world of teaching.  I will be running a collage block workshop on Sunday, December 11 at Artists Corner Gallery.  Here is the link to the website and pictures of what we will be doing.  Keep moving forward and allow yourself to adventure out.